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Amit’s Corner Shop

Shop a curated selection of new and pre-owned pieces

About Amit

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Kinglsey 1945

Official distributor of Kinglsey 1945

I’m a Luxury Watch Concierge

I can guide, assist and advise you on your luxury watch purchase and source the timepiece from trusted colleagues

Wanna talk watches with the best of them? I can teach you how. Start today, and you will be talking like a watch pro in no time! Book your consultation with me now!

Are You a Buyer?  Are You a Seller?

Kingsley 1945 Collections

I am also an official distributor of Kingsley 1945 Watches, view the collections below.

Amit Dev Handa

Meet Amit

If you are here, chances are, you either collect watches, are looking to collect watches or just like watches in general. Well, you’re in good company – I LIVE for watches. In addition to this, I have worked as a consultant to watch brands looking to expand their brands to the retail market.

Kingsley watch

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