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Acquisition, Advice, and Consultancy Services

With over 20 years of experience in the luxury timepiece industry, Amit Dev Handa is a true expert on all things watches. His services can be engaged whether it be for acquisition, advice, or consultancy. Most of his clientele fall into three categories as illustrated below.

Client A


Sofia knows exactly which watch she wants to buy for her husband's birthday (next week, yikes...!), but unfortunately, she can't get a penny discount and the watch is on backorder at her local jewelry store.

Enter Amit.

Amit sources the timepiece through his extensive network of contacts and negotiates on Sofia's behalf for the most competitive price possible. Because Amit refers so much business to the dealer, they are happy to offer a discount.

Once a price is agreed on, Amit takes care of all the necessary paperwork for payment between Sofia and the dealer, and the watch is shipped out expeditiously.

Sofia is happy. Her husband is ECSTATIC.

Client B


Jackson inherited a 30-year-old watch collection from his father. He has a keen interest in adding to and complementing the existing pieces. He needs to know which pieces to sell, which to keep, and which to add so that one day he can pass his collection on to his son. Jackson's family has a family jeweler and wants to source all timepieces through them, but needs unbiased advice from an expert.

Enter Amit.

After engaging in a consultancy agreement, Amit surveys the collection, determining which pieces need servicing, repair, or to be sold. Next, he reviews an extensive list of options with Jackson and creates a strategic plan for when to acquire each piece.

Jackson is impressed.

Client C


Pierre runs a small brand in the luxury timepiece industry. He is looking to expand that brand's offerings by adding a new price-point of watches. He has all the data, facts, and figures from the industry. What he doesn't have is the perspective of someone with 20 years of real, hands-on experience working with the end-consumer.

Enter Amit.

After engaging in a professional consultancy agreement, Amit studies the brand and products and offers his perspectives and advice based on his real experience catering to a luxury clientele for over 20 years. Pierre includes Amit on product design, marketing strategy, and packaging internal mastermind sessions.

Pierre is getting a big bonus this year.

Every Situation Is Truly Unique, Contact Me Today

I charge a $150 consultation fee for my time

I will guide, assist and advise you on your purchase through telephone and e-mail. This fee is non-refundable. Should you purchase a watch through me or sell a watch through me within a year, the value of the fee will be deducted from the price of the item when you purchase it.


Want to Talk Watches?