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I Can Help You Sell Your Watch

Here are some useful and important things to know before you do:

  1. Please make sure you have all your box and paperwork that came with the watch. This could make a significant difference when selling your watch in terms of just how much you get for it. You will definitely get less money without it.
  2. If possible make sure your watch is in good working condition. Keeping time, everything works correctly, and normal wear and tear on the bracelet or strap fitted to the watch
  3. It’s also helpful to have copies of your service records of how you maintained and cleaned your watch over the years.
  1. Please manage your expectations of how much you think you will receive for your watch when you sell it. Rolex and Patek Philippe are amongst the only brands that really hold their value better than all the other brands.
  2. If you decide to work with me to sell your watch, my commission is 10% of whatever you are offered and accept. To engage my services you first must pay the $150 PayPal consultation fee for me to do the work and get you the best possible price for your watch. This fee is deducted from my 10% fee if you decide to work with me to sell your watch.
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Book a Consultation Today

Listen to my thoughts about selling a watch, and I can coach you through it all.

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