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Kingsley Type 4 Watch
Type 4

Grenade-Swiss Quartz

A half pound watch inspired by a WW2 hand grenade.
Price Range $1,200 – $1,400

Individually Numbered Limited Edition
  • Precision Quartz Movement by ETA (Switzerland)
  • Caseback Features a 50 Cal. BMG Bullet Headstamp Design
  • Stainless-Steel / Gold-Steel / Black-Steel / Copper-Steel
Watchmaker’s Custom Made Program
  • Price Range Starting at $1,400
Flying Ace $1,200

Silver-Steel and Black Widow Bezel

Copperbolt $1,300

Copper-Steel Ace Blue Dial

Copperblack $1,300

Cali-King Blue Dial

Thunderbolt $1,200

Cali-King Black Dial

About Kingsley 1945 Type 4 Watches

The Type 4 is an exclusive vintage modern design inspired by 1940’s military and WW2-era fighter planes. The case is styled after one of the first scratch built experimental prototype cases created by Kingsley using reclaimed aircraft and grenade metal when he founded the company.

This model features the iconic Type 1 square and round case similar to that of a cockpit gauge with a distinctive crown guard styled after a 1940’s MK2 hand grenade lever and a very cool WW2 Style 50 Caliber BMG Bullet Headstamp design built into the caseback. The Type 4 model was designed and assembled in Providence RI and is the Quartz alternative to the Type 1 Vintage Automatic.

We use movements from one of the world’s best Swiss movement manufacturers (ETA). Made for the aficionado looking for a unique high-quality precision watch that doesn’t require any manual winding and less overall maintenance over time.

The hand made nature of some of the straps, parts and watch cigar boxes means no two watches are exactly the same. Each individually numbered and accompanied by a certificate of Authenticity.


Dia 45mm, height 21mm, weight half pound, machined stainless, PVD coating, screwdown crown, individually numbered exhibition case back


Machined Stainless, PVD Coated


Precision Swiss quartz analog, manufactured in Switzerland by ETA


2 layer cut thru sandwich metal disc


Fitted for 24mm straps, Vintage Style Bomber leather strap


Thick sapphire

Depth Rating

660ft/200m/20atm, (see warranty disclaimer)

kingsley buckels
Type 1 Straps

All available in stainless-steel, gold-steel, black-steel, and copper-steel

Kingsley Vintage Bomber Reversible Straps
24x22 Reversible Strap $130

Patina's With Age

24x22 Reversible Strap $130

British Tan Patina

24x22 Reversible Strap $130

Handstitched Natural Raw Leather

24x22 Reversible Strap $130

Camel Raw Leather Suede

24x22 Reversible Strap $130

Black Pebbled Calf Leather

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