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From April 13th to 27th, 2024, the heart of Geneva will beat to the rhythm of exceptional horology as Patek Philippe unveils its “Rare Handcrafts 2024” collection at its historic Salons on Rue du Rhône. This exhibition, open to watch enthusiasts and the general public alike, offers a unique opportunity to explore over 80 masterpieces that seamlessly blend technical mastery with boundless creativity.

A Tribute to Artisanal Excellence

Patek Philippe’s Rare Handcrafts 2024 exhibition is  a celebration of the artisanal skills that have long distinguished the brand. Attendees will have the rare chance to witness craftsmen at work, demonstrating the intricate techniques that go into creating these mechanical words of art. It’s a reminder of the luxury watchmaker’s commitment to preserving and showcasing rare handcrafts that have become increasingly precious in our digital age.

Spotlight on Surf and Serenity

Among the more than 80 creations, two standout pieces encapsulate the essence of the exhibition: the 5089G-129 “Morning on the Beach” and the 995/143G-001 “Portrait of a White Egret.”

Patek Philippe 5089G-129 “Morning on the Beach”


5089G-129 “Morning on the Beach”: This Calatrava wristwatch features a dial in wood marquetry, showcasing a serene scene of a surfer awaiting the perfect wave on a Californian beach. Crafted with astonishing detail, the dial comprises 100 tiny veneer parts and 75 microscopic inlays from 23 different species of wood. Dauphine-style hands in white gold and a sapphire crystal case back further accentuate the watch’s elegance, while the calfskin strap adds a sporty touch to the overall aesthetic.

Patek Philippe 995/143G-001 “Portrait of a White Egret”

  • 995/143G-001 “Portrait of a White Egret”: This unique pocket watch combines wood marquetry and flinqué enamel to depict a white egret in stunning detail. The case back’s marquetry, involving 53 veneer parts and 400 inlays from 18 wood species, contrasts beautifully with the hand-guilloched gold dial coated in translucent blue enamel. The watch is not only a timekeeper but an art piece, complemented by a handcrafted stand that echoes the elegance of the egret’s natural habitat.

Celebrating Horological Poetry

The Rare Handcrafts 2024 exhibition by Patek Philippe is an invitation to contemplate the beauty of time through the lens of exceptional craftsmanship. It underscores the brand’s philosophy that timekeeping is not just about precision but also about art. The exhibition, therefore, serves as a bridge connecting the rich heritage of traditional watchmaking with contemporary interpretations of time as a form of artistic expression.

At the end of the day…

As we step into the Patek Philippe Salons this Spring, we’re reminded that in the world of haute horology, time is more than a measure; it’s a canvas. Each piece from the “Rare Handcrafts 2024” collection tells its own story, a narrative woven from the finest materials and brought to life by the hands of masters. Patek Philippe continues to challenge the conventions of watchmaking, inviting us all to rediscover time, not as a mere sequence of moments but as a treasure trove of artistry and imagination. At the end of the day, it’s a journey into the heart of what makes time beautiful and boundless.

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.