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In a unique partnership that merges the visionary worlds of cinema and watches, Hamilton has joined forces with Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures to create an exceptional piece for “Dune: Part Two.” This collaboration, requested by acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, marks a significant milestone in Hamilton’s storied history with Hollywood, which dates back to 1932, showcasing its watches in over 500 major films.

Hamilton’s journey into the desolate landscapes of Arrakis began with a unique challenge: to design a wrist device that transcends the boundaries of traditional watchmaking, aptly named the “Desert Watch.” This task, guided by the expansive lore of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” and Villeneuve’s distinct vision, was undertaken without prior knowledge of the device’s specific function in the narrative. The result is a timepiece that embodies the resilience and spirit of the Fremen, crafted in close collaboration with the film’s prop master, Doug Harlocker.

Unlike its previous cinematic endeavors, Hamilton’s approach for “Dune: Part Two” was unparalleled. The intricate process involved direct input from Villeneuve, ensuring the final product not only aligned with the film’s aesthetic but also resonated with the underlying themes of survival and defiance in the face of desolation. This collaboration underscores Hamilton’s capability to transcend conventional design paradigms, cementing its role as a pioneer in cinematic horology.

The allure of the “Desert Watch,” exclusive to the universe of “Dune,” has inspired Hamilton to introduce two limited-edition watches, mirroring the otherworldly essence of Arrakis and its inhabitants. The Ventura Bright and Ventura Edge models captivate with a luminous blue dial, echoing the penetrating gaze of the Fremen. These editions not only pay homage to the film’s visual grandeur but also offer aficionados a piece of its timeless narrative.

Hamilton Ventura XXL Bright Dune
Hamilton Ventura Edge Digital Dune


The Ventura XXL Bright Dune limited to 3000 pieces ($1,750 retail) and Ventura Edge Digital Dune limited to 2000 pieces ($2,500 retail) boast technical specifications that blend traditional craftsmanship with futuristic aesthetics. From the black stainless steel PVD casing to the innovative blue lighting effects and digital displays, these watches are a testament to Hamilton’s commitment to excellence and innovation. The commemorative packaging further enriches the collectibility of these pieces, making them a must-have for fans of the franchise and watch enthusiasts alike.

As Hamilton ventures into the sands of Arrakis with “Dune: Part Two,” it reaffirms its legacy of crafting watches that are not just timekeepers but narratives woven into the fabric of cinematic history. This partnership not only highlights the brand’s versatility and creative prowess but also sets a new benchmark for collaborations between the realms of film and horology.

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.