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Introduction: A Flamboyant Legacy

LTR-F.P Journe & Serge “Gino” Cukrowicz

In the exclusive circle of haute horology, some personalities are unforgettable for their vibrant characters and innovative contributions. Serge Cukrowicz, affectionately known by his friends as “Gino”, is a name that echoes through the world of luxury watchmaking with a resonance that is both colorful and profound. Known for his eye-catching attire that frequently included bright colors and unique accessories, Gino was often spotted wearing the Élégante on a yellow bracelet, a testament to his lively and passionate approach to life. His passing on May 6, 2021, in Singapore marked the end of an era but also the beginning of a legacy through the creation of the Élégante Gino’s Dream.

Gino’s Dream: A Vibrant Tribute

F.P. Journe ÉLÉGANTE 48 MM GINO’S DREAM Calibre 1210 w/ center black dial and orange rubber strap
F.P. Journe ÉLÉGANTE 48 MM GINO’S DREAM Calibre 1210 w/center white dial on yellow rubber strap


The Élégante Gino’s Dream is not just a timepiece; it’s a narrative of love, remembrance, and artistry dedicated to Gino by François-Paul Journe, co-founder of Montres Journe SA. This watch, inspired directly by Gino’s vibrant temperament, features a striking 48 mm flat Tortue® case in titanium or Titalyt®, and is spectacularly adorned with a bezel set with 52 baguette-cut ceramic glass stones in rainbow hues that beautifully capture and reflect light. It transcends its function as a timekeeper to become a piece of wearable art that reflects the essence of Gino’s flamboyant spirit.

Revolutionary Horological Concept

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Élégante Gino’s Dream introduces a groundbreaking electro-mechanical movement that marries traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde technology. This innovative design took eight years of meticulous development, resulting in a watch that offers unprecedented autonomy—functioning perfectly for 8 to 10 years in daily use and up to 18 years in standby mode.


Technical Description of the Élégante by F.P. Journe

This exceptional electromechanical timepiece is equipped with a mechanical motion detector prominently displayed on the dial at the 4:30 position. If the watch remains motionless for 35 minutes, it enters a standby mode to conserve energy, during which the hands cease to rotate.

In this energy-saving mode, the internal microprocessor continues to keep accurate time, though the mechanical components such as the gear train, rotors, and hands are halted. Upon being worn again, the watch ingeniously resets itself to the correct time automatically. The hands smartly move in the shortest direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise, to show the current time.

The Élégante by F.P. Journe uniquely offers the capability to pause and then seamlessly restart time—a feature that captures the essence of what many watchmakers consider a fantastical achievement. This feature not only showcases the watch’s advanced technology but also adds a touch of magic to its functionality.

Design and Comfort

The luminescent dial of the “Élégante Gino’s Dream” ensures maximum legibility both day and night, akin to a shadow theatre in the dark. The ergonomic design of the rubber straps perfectly embraces the wrist, enhancing comfort without compromising style. This makes the Élégante Gino’s Dream a perfect choice for men and women who prefer oversized watches but do not wish to sacrifice elegance for functionality.

At the end of the day…

The Élégante Gino’s Dream stands as a profound tribute to a man whose zest for life and dedication to the craft of watchmaking left an indelible mark on the industry. It encapsulates the spirit of Gino, a man celebrated not just for his personal style but also for his visionary contributions to the world of watchmaking. At the end of the day, this watch is a celebration of life, a symbol of enduring passion, and a continuing inspiration to those who knew him and those who will come to know him through this magnificent creation.


Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.