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Doxa has long been a name revered among dive watch enthusiasts, and the brand’s latest unveiling, the Sub 200T, marks a thrilling evolution in their storied lineup. This new dive watch not only pays homage to the classic Sub 300 design but also introduces an accessible entry point into Doxa’s esteemed dive watch collection.

A Fresh Take on a Classic Design


The allure of the Sub 200T primarily lies in its 39mm stainless steel case. This singular material choice brings a contemporary edge to the legendary Sub 300 design, positioning it as a versatile option that appeals equally to both avid collectors and those new to the brand

Diving Deep into the Details


The Sub 200T doesn’t just shine in aesthetics; its specifications are equally impressive. Boasting a 200-meter water resistance, this watch is designed for the deep dive. Its dimensions strike the perfect balance between presence and comfort, featuring a 39mm case width, a slim 10.7mm thickness, and a practical 41.5mm lug-to-lug distance. The  screw-down crown and AR-treated sapphire crystal further underscores its reliability as a dive watch.

A Spectrum of Color Choices

Doxa goes above and beyond with the Sub 200T’s color palette, offering eight distinctive colors, including the newly introduced Sea Emerald. This expansion of choices reflects Doxa’s commitment to personal expression, allowing wearers to select a watch that truly resonates with their style.

Engineered for Excellence

The heart of the Sub 200T is powered by the Sellita SW200-1 movement, a testament to Swiss precision. This reliable engine offers a 38-hour power reserve, ensuring that the Sub 200T keeps ticking, whether on land or under the sea. The watch’s superior timekeeping and durable design make it a standout in the dive watch market.

Pricing and Availability


With a starting price of $1,550 on a rubber strap and $1,590 on a stainless steel “beads of rice” bracelet, the Sub 200T offers an exceptional value proposition.


The introduction of the Sub 200T represents a significant milestone for Doxa. It provides an excellent size alternative to the larger Sub 300, at a price point that opens up the brand to a broader audience.

The Sub 200T  signals a promising future for the brand and its fans. With its combination of classic design, modern colorways, and accessible pricing, the Sub 200T is poised to become a new favorite among dive watch aficionados.


Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.