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Since I have very specific taste in watches, the Rolex Yacht-Master has never really been my pint of beer, until now! I am excited to introduce you to the new Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42 in RLX titanium by Rolex. This stunning timepiece features an intense black dial and an Oyster bracelet, making it elegant and versatile. To me the Yacht-Master was always a more elegant but flashier version of the Submariner, which kind of made me uncomfortable to even look at until they made them available on rubber straps, but this NEW Yacht-Master 42 in RLX titanium is the ultimate!  From a distance in may look like a Submariner but when you look closer, the.details set it apart for the better.

One of the most distinctive features of the Yacht-Master 42 is its bidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel. This functional and stylish component is made from precious metals or fitted with a Cerachrom insert in high-tech ceramic, offering durability and resistance against corrosion. The raised polished numerals and graduations are set against a matt, sand-blasted background, providing excellent legibility in any lighting conditions.

The Yacht-Master 42 is designed for exceptional legibility in all circumstances, thanks to its Chromalight display. The broad hands and hour markers are filled with a luminescent material that emits a long-lasting glow, ensuring easy readability even in the dark.

Made from RLX titanium, a specially selected grade 5 titanium alloy, the Yacht-Master 42 is ultralight and highly resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion. This material is known for its mechanical strength and its ability to be polished or satin-finished to meet the brand’s specifications.

The Oyster bracelet is a timeless and classic design that has remained the most universal in the Oyster Perpetual collection. It is known for its robustness and durability, and it features the Oysterlock folding safety clasp, which prevents accidental opening. The RLX titanium version of the bracelet includes patented ceramic inserts, enhancing its flexibility and longevity on the wrist.I just hope it’s compatible with an oysterflex bracelet. that would be the icing on the cake!

The Yacht-Master 42 in RLX titanium is a true work of art and a testament to Rolex’s dedication to precision and excellence in watchmaking. Its striking design and functional features make it a highly versatile and desirable accessory for any luxury watch collector or yachting enthusiast.

NEW Yacht-Master 42 in RLX titanium is a magnificent timepiece that showcases Rolex’s attention to detail and quality. With its functional and stylish features, the Yacht-Master 42 is a true masterpiece that will impress and delight any watch enthusiast.

*Please keep in mind, with the demand, unpredictable and volatile market, this watch will be commanding premiums in the after market. Amit can definitely help you purchase at whatever the current going prices are in the aftermarket. Book a consultation today, HERE to get started!

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.