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The Launch That Reignited a Passion

LTR- Omega Speedmaster X Mooswatch “Mission to Moon” & “Mission to Mars”

I feel immensely fortunate to have transformed my profound passion for watches into an interesting career spanning over three decades. Reflecting on the journey, with its mix of experiences—whether challenging, rewarding, or a bit of both—it’s astonishing how it continues to drive me forward with joyful momentum.

My humble journey began with Swatch in the early nineties when I was a teenager, and 33 years later, Swatch boasts one of the world’s most sought-after products, the Omega Speedmaster X Moon Swatch. Today the NEW Mission to Moonphase all-black Snoopy edition drops and has already captivated everyone—from affluent collectors to beginners and individuals from diverse backgrounds and ages—leading them to line up 24-48 hours before its release! Although I am going to pass on this particular model, I have 5 Moon Swatches that I am somewhat obsessed with.

Echoes of the Past: The Omega Connection

Omega Speedmaster X Mooswatch “Mission to Mars” on the wrist

Like many collectors, the launch of the Moon Swatch in March 2022 came out of nowhere and took me completely by surprise. However, having had the privilege of working with the brand at a young age, it felt even more special to me. I was given a rare glimpse into the global craze for a plastic watch—a foundational experience that paved the way for my entire career. Swatch had already revolutionized the watch industry in the nineties with limited editions, collaborations, and more. To me, the Moon Swatch felt like a horological homecoming of sorts.

Initially, I thought the Mission to Moon version was all I needed. Yet, I found myself equally intrigued by the “Mission to Mars” variant, which I also purchased. However, it was quickly claimed by my cousin, leaving me no time to truly appreciate or explore it. The “Mission to Moon” felt like the next best thing to an actual Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch, but at a snip of the price.  Since it was so hot commanding quite the premium, I entertained the idea of selling it, thinking I could always repurchase it later. Fortunately, an irresistible offer came my way, making it seem imprudent not to sell. As 2022 passed, I found myself without either Moon Swatch, barely giving it a second thought—out of sight, out of mind. Then, unexpectedly, my cousin called, expressing a hesitant desire to return my “Mission to Mars” Moon Swatch. Having not previously explored it, I felt like a child discovering his favorite new toy for the first time. I delved into its details with endless fascination and was utterly amazed by what I found.




1972 Omega Speedmaster “Alaska II”
2008 Omega Speedmaster “Alaska Project”

The design felt familiar to me—a white dial Omega Speedmaster with distinctive red rocket-style hands, reminiscent of a model I’d seen before. In 2008, Omega unveiled the Speedmaster “Alaska Project,” which clearly served as the inspiration for the Omega Speedmaster X Moonswatch “Mission to Mars.” This limited edition, with only 1970 units produced, drew its design cues from an Omega Speedmaster 1972 prototype known as Alaska II. The Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project was originally presented on a bracelet but also included a white velcro strap, mirroring the design choice for the strap on the Omega Speedmaster X Moonswatch “Mission to Mars.”

Every glance at the rocket-style hands of my “Mission to Mars” Moonswatch fills me with the kind of excitement that of a kid in a candy store, inspiring me to chase the impossible dream and believe in endless possibilities. It’s rare for a watch to stir such deep emotions in me. Interestingly, I found history unappealing in my younger years, yet over the past three decades, I’ve grown deeply passionate about it, to the point where I now have the privilege of teaching it through the fascinating world of watches.

Beyond the Mars and Moon: Expanding the Horizon

LTR-Omega Speedmaster X Moonswatch, Mission to Jupiter, Mission to Mercury & Mission to Uranus

So, what’s the story with my other three Moon Swatches? I genuinely appreciate each one, as they all have their unique roles, yet they don’t quite capture my heart the way the Mission to Moon and Mission to Mars do. My collection also includes the Mission to Jupiter, Mission to Mercury, and Mission to Uranus (admittedly, not the greatest name). These watches find their moments in my rotation, adding diversity to my Moon Swatch lineup.

Despite their modest $270 retail price and bio-ceramic construction, they feel far from the disposable or budget-friendly vibe typically associated with standard Swatch watches. To me, these Moon Swatches are exceptional, holding their own against more luxurious timepieces in my collection. It’s notably impressive how often I opt for these over my pricier Rolex Submariner and other iconic watches, which speaks volumes about their special appeal.

A lunar phenomenon beyond the price tag

In the wide world of watches, the Moon Swatch surpasses its initial reputation as just an affordable treat. It captivates both enthusiasts and collectors by blending innovation, nostalgia, and a rich narrative of watchmaking, establishing itself as more than merely a passing fad. I find it preferable to wear this over an Apple Watch, which, despite keeping you connected, lacks the personal touch, character, and emotional resonance.

Despite the falling prices on the secondary market and some severe criticisms, the Omega Speedmaster Moon Swatch continues to command prices above retail in certain variants. It seems that people often forget that at its core, it’s plastic and designed to be enjoyable to wear. Viewing it solely as an investment can lead to disappointment. However, its role in setting new benchmarks for entry-level luxury is truly remarkable. Anything beyond this is just icing on the cake.

At the end of the day, the Moon Swatch’s ability to spark discussions, bridge generations, and reshape conventional attitudes towards collecting watches solidifies its role as a key moment in the ongoing narrative of timekeeping. With its widespread appeal, the Moon Swatch stands as a powerful reminder that true value and innovation in watchmaking can emerge from the most unexpected places, making it much more than a mere cheap thrill.

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.