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UNIMATIC is an Italian sport watch brand known for its minimalist designs and creative craftsmanship. Established in 2015 by Giovanni Moro and Simone Nunziato–two talented designers enrolled at Politecnico di Milano who later met and became friends–UNIMATIC is an epitome of both innovation and craftsmanship, embodying both unique design and functional use in watchmaking.

This collab began as an experimental side project but quickly transformed into a brand known for its distinctive approach to watchmaking. Since its foundation by design students who would become some of Italy’s fastest growing watch companies over a generation period. UNIMATIC’s journey since is truly astounding!


Their design philosophy is deeply rooted in functionality. Each piece exemplifies their commitment to producing watches that not only aesthetically please, but are also robust and useful. Their groundbreaking take on dive watch technology stands out. By simplifying it down to its essence and adding modern twists that appeal both watch enthusiasts and fashionistas, UNIMATIC have successfully produced watches which meet both criteria simultaneously.

A real testament to in-house craftsmanship, from quality control and water resistance testing, all handled within their Milanese studio. This hallmark of quality not only sets them apart from Italian watchmaking but also underscores their dedication to upholding only the highest in quality standards.

Moro and Nunziato’s collaboration is marked by shared aesthetics and mutual respect, creating models which not only symbolize design excellence but are symbols for continuous refinement as part of an organic creative effort. Their design process involves teamwork marked by ongoing refinements. This effort resulted in various models which stand as evidence of excellence across their timepiece portfolios.

These watches represent refined elegance through their minimalist approach, yet this minimalism does not come about through deliberate choice but as the result of functional considerations. Each design element serves a purpose, making the watches not just tools but also showcases of refined style.

Overall, UNIMATIC stands as more than just another watch brand – they represent the harmonious union between Italian design and functional artistry, passion for innovation and an unwavering dedication to quality put them at the forefront of modern watchmaking.

Pics courtesy of the Unimatic

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