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Vacheron Constantin has once again surpassed its own standards in the realm of luxury watchmaking with the introduction of Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication. This masterwork, now recognized as the world’s most complicated watch, features an unprecedented 63 horological complications and consists of 2,877 meticulously assembled components. This phenomenal creation is a monumental achievement that underscores the brand’s dominance in high horology.

Development and Design


The Berkley Grand Complication is the result of an ambitious 11-year journey of design and development, including a full year dedicated to its intricate assembly. This project was driven by the vision of its commissioner, who lent his name to this historic piece, marking it as a pinnacle of contemporary watchmaking.

The case  is crafted from 18kt white gold and measures 98mm x 50.5mm, protected by double sapphire crystals.

At the heart of the watch beats the Swiss manual-wind Vacheron Constantin in-house caliber 3752. This intricate movement is adorned with 245 jewels, operates at 18,000 vibrations per hour, and boasts a power reserve of 60 hours.

The watch is a complex marvel, consisting of 2,877 components and featuring 63 complications. These include 9 for time indication, a Gregorian perpetual calendar with 7 complications, a Chinese perpetual calendar with 11 complications, a Chinese agricultural calendar with 2 complications, astronomical indications with 9 complications, a chronograph with 4 complications, an alarm with 7 complications, chiming functions with 8 complications, and an additional 6 complications.

The movement’s aesthetic is enhanced by grained and sandblasted plates and bridges, adorned with Geneva stripes.

Completing the watch are two dials: one silvered and the other sunray opaline. They host an ensemble of 31 hands and 9 discs, all meticulously arranged to display the multitude of functions

Innovations in Timekeeping

A standout feature of The Berkley Grand Complication is its traditional Chinese perpetual calendar. This complex mechanism accommodates the unique intricacies of the Chinese calendrical cycle, extending mechanical programming through to the year 2200—a testament to Vacheron Constantin’s engineering prowess.

A Symphony of Complications

The 63 functions of this remarkable timepiece cover a broad range of complexities. Below is a breakdown of all of them for your reference.

Time Measurement: Total=9

  1. Regulator-type hours, minutes, and seconds for mean solar time.
  2. Retrograde second for mean solar time.
  3. Day and night indication for reference city.
  4. Visible spherical armillary tourbillon regulator with spherical balance spring.
  5. Armillary sphere tourbillon.
  6. World time indication for 24 cities.
  7. Second time zone hours and minutes (on 12 hours display).
  8. Second time zone day and night indication.
  9. System to display the second time zone for the Northern or Southern hemispheres.

Gregorian Perpetual Calendar: Total=7

10. Gregorian perpetual calendar.

  1. Gregorian days of the week.
  2. Gregorian months.
  3. Gregorian retrograde date.
  4. Leap-year indication and four-year cycle.
  5. Number of the day of the week (ISO 8601 calendar).
  6. Indication for the number of the week within the year (ISO 8601 calendar).

Chinese Perpetual Calendar: Total=11

17. Chinese perpetual calendar.

  1. Chinese number of the day.
  2. Chinese name of the month.
  3. Chinese date indication.
  4. Chinese zodiac signs.
  5. 5 elements and 10 celestial stems.
  6. 6 energies and 12 earthly branches.
  7. Chinese year state (common or embolismic).
  8. Month state (small or large).
  9. Indication for the Golden number within the 19-year Metonic cycle.
  10. Indication for the date of the Chinese New Year in the Gregorian calendar.

Chinese Agricultural Perpetual Calendar: Total=2

28. Chinese agricultural perpetual calendar.

  1. Indications of seasons, equinoxes, and solstices with solar hand.

Astronomic Calendar:Total=9

30. Sky chart (calibrated for Shanghai).

  1. Sidereal hours.
  2. Sidereal minutes.
  3. Sunrise time (calibrated for Shanghai).
  4. Sunset time (calibrated for Shanghai).
  5. Equation of time.
  6. Length of the day (calibrated for Shanghai).
  7. Length of the night (calibrated for Shanghai).
  8. Phases and age of the moon, one correction every 1027 years.

Split-seconds Chronograph:Total=4

39. Fifths of a second chronograph (1 column wheel).

  1. Fifths of a second split-second chronograph (1 column wheel).
  2. 12-hour counter (1 column wheel).
  3. 60-minute counter.


43. Progressive alarm with single gong and hammer striking.

  1. Alarm strike/silence indicator.
  2. Choice of normal alarm or carillon striking alarm indicator.
  3. Alarm mechanism coupled to the carillon striking mechanism.
  4. Alarm striking with choice of grande or petite sonnerie.
  5. Alarm power-reserve indication.
  6. System to disengage the alarm barrel when fully wound.

Westminster Carillon: Total=8

50. Carillon Westminster chiming with 5 gongs and 5 hammers.

  1. Grande sonnerie passing strike.
  2. Petite sonnerie passing strike.
  3. Minute repeating.
  4. Night silence feature (between 22.00 and 08.00 hours – hours chosen by the owner).
  5. System to disengage the striking barrel when fully wound.
  6. Indication for grande or petite sonnerie modes.
  7. Indication for silence/striking/night modes.

Additional Features: Total=6

58. Power-reserve indication for the going train.

  1. Power-reserve indication for the striking train.
  2. Winding crown position indicator.
  3. Winding system for the double barrels.
  4. Hand-setting system with two positions and two directions.
  5. Concealed flush-fit winding crown for the alarm mechanism

Artistry and Aesthetics

Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication is a technical marvel but also a masterpiece of artistry. Every one of the 2,877 components has been finely decorated and finished, even those hidden within the depths of the mechanism. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the complexity of the watch enhances its visual harmony and elegance, making it a coveted piece for collectors and connoisseurs alike.

At the end of the day…

Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication sets a new standard in the field of high watchmaking.  At the end of the day, with its blend of advanced mechanical features and exquisite design, it is a true horological masterpiece that represents the zenith of craftsmanship and innovation. This timepiece is a beacon of human ingenuity and artistic finesse in the world of luxury watches.

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.