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Ready for a blast from the past? Let’s rewind to 2021, when Tissot’s PRX made its dazzling debut and shook the affordable watch game. The PRX quickly became the go-to for everyone diving into the thrilling realm of integrated bracelet sports watches. And now? Tissot’s taking things up a notch, blending nostalgia with innovation.

A Retro Redesign

This year, the brand dropped a bombshell: the Tissot PRX Digital collection. It’s a nod to the techy vibes of the late ‘70s while also being fresh and very much now. Tissot isn’t just reinventing the wheel; they’re taking us on a time-travel trip, mixing their heritage with the trends of today. Think of it as a stylish time machine on your wrist.

A Closer Look

The new PRX Digital babies come in both 35mm and 40mm sizes, with options in stainless steel or that snazzy gold-tone for a bit of bling. Straight lines, brushed surfaces, polished bezels – they’ve kept the PRX’s signature look intact. But here’s the twist: no crown! Instead, three polished pushers manage all the techie stuff this watch can do. And yes, this does change the vibe a tad, but I promise you, it’s got all that classic PRX mojo. Plus, with a 100-meter water resistance rating, it’s more than just a pretty face.

Dialing It In

Now, the real game-changer? Those dials. The PRX Digital’s displays are a mix of simplicity and capability. Inside that classic LCD setup, there’s a whole world: second time zones, day-date displays, chronographs, timers, alarms – it’s like a Swiss Army knife for timekeeping! And while that LCD in a round dial is a hat-tip to older digital watches, it’s got that “love me or leave me” kind of look. The 40mm version does have a bit more negative space, which might be a hit or miss for some, but hey, style is subjective.

Under the Hood

At its heart, the PRX Digital beats with the Swiss-made DGT-2040 digital quartz movement. It might not have the old-world allure of mechanical movements, but its precision and multi-functionality make it a rock star in its own league. And Tissot doesn’t skimp on quality, even at these wallet-friendly prices. The integrated bracelets? A seamless continuation of the PRX charm, comfy and oh-so-stylish.

The bottom line

The PRX has carved a niche in the global watch scene within the last few years. And while the Digital collection might divide opinions, its functionality, sleekness, and retro flair guarantee it a cult following. As of now, the Tissot PRX Digital retails for $375 for stainless steel and $450 for the gold-tone. Want more deets? Check out Tissot’s official site, HERE

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.