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NEW Rolex 36mm Day/Date featuring a violin dial




Rolex welcomed 2024 with an impressive homage of craftsmanship and art. They launched a limited-edition Oyster Perpetual Day Date 36 to commemorate its 15-year relationship with the Vienna Philharmonic. It is a tribute to its commitment to excellence and a celebration with its affinity for the classical world.

Exclusive Partnership Symbol

Rolex has been associated with the Vienna Philharmonic since 2008. This orchestra is renowned worldwide for their sublime performances. Since 2009, Rolex has consistently supported the Vienna Philharmonic’s annual New Year concert. This event has grown to be a global symbol of culture and excellence. This new Day-Date 36 is an apt tribute as the relationship enters its fifteenth year. It reflects the values and traditions shared by the two institutions.

The Art Behind the Timepiece

Rolex’s Day-Date Vienna Philharmonic is one of the rarest watches in their collection. The watch’s exclusivity isn’t just due to its limited supply, but also because of the craftsmanship it displays. This watch has a dial made of 18ct gold and decorated with a violin and its volute. It is a perfect example of the Champleve technique for grand feu enameling. The design, which is meticulously hand-colored and etched into the base of gold, shows different shades of green. This represents the elegance and sophistication of the partnership.

Celebrate Craftsmanship and Heritage

In this limited edition, Rolex has put a lot of emphasis on the artisanal craftmanship. This timepiece, which is more than just an accessory, is a canvas on which art and horology meet. This intricate, painstakingly detailed design elevates Day-Date beyond a simple timepiece to an art piece. The special edition is proof of Rolex’s dedication to celebrating and preserving traditional craftsmanship. It places the brand on a par with art lovers and watch enthusiasts.

A Symbolic Partner

Day-Date 36 was launched in style at the Vienna Philharmonic New Year concert. Notable performers, such as pianist Yuja Wang, and opera singer Cecilia Bartoli wore the timepiece. The partnership was cemented by this act, which also highlighted Rolex’s shared excellence and prestige.

Exclusively Available

The limited edition Day-Date, in keeping with Rolex’s tradition of exclusivity is only available in very small quantities. This makes it an extremely sought-after piece by collectors and watch enthusiasts. This is a piece that not only tells time, but also makes a statement. It shows the wearer’s love for finer things, whether it’s music, art or horology. Only Rolex could make a Day/Date in gold with a violin on the dial and make it one of their most exclusive watches. You definitely won’t find this on the Rolex website, trust me, I searched all over!

This is an expression of Rolex’s relationship with the classical music world. It’s the embodiment of the commitment to Rolex precision, artistry and exclusivity. The limited edition commemorates an important partnership, but it also strengthens Rolex as a company that supports and values the arts. Rolex is able to continue to appeal with an audience who appreciates finer things in life.

pic courtesy of Rolex

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.