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Panerai’s most beautiful watches are simple and symmetric. Their biggest asset lies in their DNA and heritage. This SIHH Panerai released a NEW Luminor Logo collection to replace the older version. This collection has six different watches. Three of them are Lumior Base models with logos on the dials(without second hands) including;


Luminor watch


Luminor watch


Luminor watch

This first set of the three watches above are all the same in terms of functionality but look different. PAM00773 and PAM00774 both have black dials. The difference is that the PAM00773 has a white logo on the dial and a black calf strap with contrasting stitching while the PAM00774 has a blue logo on the dial and a canvas strap with blue stitching. The PAM00775 has a white dial with al 12 Panerai Arabic numerals and a blue logo and is fitted with a tan strap with matching stitching.

The next three watches are Lumionor Marina watches with seconds hands and logos on the dial including;


Lumionor Marina watch


Lumionor Marina watch


Lumionor Marina watch

All six watches are 44mm in case diameter, are polished stainless steel, and for the first time are powered by the in-house P.6000 3 Day manual wind movement. PAM00776 and PAM00777 both have the same black dial with three numbers and a sub seconds hand but the PAM00777 has a blue logo on the dial and a blue canvas strap with matching stitching while PAM00776 has a black dial with three Arabic numerals and a sub seconds at the nine o’clock position and fitted with a black calf strap with contrasting stitching. The PAM00778 has a white dial with eleven Panerai Arabic numerals, a sub-seconds hand at the nine o’clock position and a blue logo on the dial and is fitted with a tan strap with matching stitching. Personally, I like this new collection because it reminds me of when I first got into collecting Panerai watches in the year 2000; when they were somewhat affordable and fun to collect. This new collection will retail for $4,750 for the Luminor Logo Base models and $5,000 for the Luminor Marina with sub-seconds hand. I wish the annoying Panerai Logo wasn’t on the dial but that’s just me!

Panerai needed a collection like this because their pricing has gotten out of control of late, especially for their in-house movement models. So needless to say these new pieces round out the collection quite nicely!

I work with authorized Panerai retailers. Let me help you with purchasing one of these. Get started by clicking HERE.

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.