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Imagine being a company like Nivada Grenchen, steeped in nearly a century of watchmaking heritage, and discovering 10 pristine vintage dials alongside 10 ‘new old stock’ movements. It’s the kind of find that sends ripples of excitement through the watch community!

Nivada Grenchen vintage orange Depthmaster

For enthusiasts and aficionados, this discovery is like a dream materializing before their eyes. Original vintage dials in perfect condition are rare treasures, and these 10 Depthmasters are each powered by an equally rare ETA 2472 movement. Though their cases and hands are a fresh creation from 2023, the essence of these watches is undeniably vintage.

What sets these watches apart is their seamless blend of history and modernity. They embody the charm and legacy of the past, coupled with the reliability of contemporary craftsmanship. To own one of these is to hold a piece of history, beautifully adapted for today’s world. But, as expected with such unique pieces, they sold out instantly. Am I surprised? Not really. Maybe it’s my soft spot for orange dials, or perhaps the story behind them is just too compelling.

But don’t worry if you missed out on the limited edition. There’s also a non-limited version available (pictured below), featuring a reproduced dial and retailing at less than half the price of the limited ones. While it may not carry the same unique story, it echoes the same inspiration. The limited edition was priced at $2,890, whereas the more accessible non-limited version is just $995. Personally, I lean towards the non-limited version. It lacks the date feature of the limited edition, which I find disrupts the dial’s symmetry. Plus, the absence of a date means one less thing to set.

Nivada Grenchen production version orange Depthmaster


At a glance, both versions look almost identical, aside from the dial, movement, and strap differences. Both are 39mm and water resistant to 1000 meters. The limited edition’s dial is marked “T Swiss Made T,” indicating the use of tritium for luminescence, while the production version reads “L Swiss Made L,” signifying Super Luminova. The hands on the production version are fatter and bolder than the vintage dial version which are a little finer and more elegant . While the movement of the limited edition is new old stock the production version uses a Soprod 2024 movement.  Strap options vary too: the limited edition offers only a rubber tropic strap, but the production version provides a range of choices from leather straps to bracelets and more.

Both versions offer a unique blend of Nivada Grenchen’s storied past and present-day craftsmanship, making either a worthy addition to any collection. If you are interested in purchasing the NEW production version orange Depthmaster, I can definitely help you. Please contact me HERE.

pics provided by Nivada Grenchen

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.