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The LM Sequential EVO, released in 2022, marked a significant milestone for MB&F as their first chronograph and 20th calibre. This innovative timepiece featured unprecedented technical advancements and a unique combination of timing modes, thanks to its “Twinverter” binary switch. These modes included independent timing, split-second, cumulative, and lap-timer functionalities.

The New Flyback Edition: A Leap into Aviation


Building on the success of the Sequential EVO, MB&F introduces the new Flyback edition, taking the chronograph to new heights. This edition retains the motor racing timing modes of its predecessor and adds a flyback function, originally designed for pilots, thereby integrating aviation capabilities into the Sequential family.

The Flyback edition, with its striking sky-blue dial plate, boasts a classic Legacy Machine aesthetic. Housed in a platinum case with screwed lugs and white lacquered dials, it features a tilted hours and minutes dial. This luxurious timepiece comes with a comfortable leather strap, blending elegance and functionality.

Stephen McDonnell: The Mastermind Behind the Sequential Movements

The Sequential and Sequential Flyback movements were conceived and developed by the renowned Stephen McDonnell, who previously created the award-winning LM Perpetual for MB&F. McDonnell’s innovative approach has once again redefined the possibilities of chronograph design.

The Legacy Machine Sequential EVO: A Groundbreaking Chronograph

When MB&F unveiled the Legacy Machine Sequential EVO in 2022, it revolutionized the chronograph landscape. This twin chronograph offered multiple timing modes, allowing users to time everything from athletes’ performances to lap times on a track. Its practical applications extended even to everyday tasks, making it a versatile tool for collectors and enthusiasts. The Sequential EVO’s ingenuity was recognized with the prestigious GPHG Aiguille d’Or award.

The Flyback Function: A Dream Realized

The flyback function, an essential feature for aviation, was part of Stephen McDonnell’s original prototype for the LM Sequential EVO. Perfecting this feature required extensive prototyping and redesigns. After nine months of rigorous testing, including four months dedicated to the flyback function, the Flyback edition emerged as a refined and reliable chronograph.

Technical Mastery: The Jewelled Flyback Mechanism

The success of the flyback function hinges on the intricate jewelling of the vertical clutches within the Sequential chronograph. McDonnell incorporated a special jewelled roller into the flyback mechanism, a component he crafted himself to ensure the system’s efficacy. This innovative design minimizes friction, preventing the flyback from causing return-to-zero blockages.

At the end of the day…

After two years of secret development and rigorous testing, the LM Sequential Flyback Platinum is ready to rock!  At the end of the day, this NEW edition embodies MB&F’s relentless pursuit of horological excellence, combining advanced technical features with timeles

Due to the unpredictable and volatile market on certain Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches, prices are subject to change.